A full-time artist specializing in watercolor painting.  Judy Blain employs color in a direct and expressive manner.  Her mastery of the watercolor medium is evident whether she is painting parrots, flowers, or winter landscapes.  To use watercolor with such technical skill and evident delight makes viewing her work a real pleasure.

Ms. Blain received both her B.S. and M.A. in Art Education from Case-Western University.  In addition, she earned a four-year certificate from the Cleveland Art Institute where she took all her art classes.

Judy has both taken and taught many watercolor workshops.  She is a Master in the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and she is an active member of the Northstar Watercolor Society which is based in the Twin Cities.


You can find examples of Judy’s work in the following books:

Splash 3
Searching for the Artist Within by Karlyn Holman
Strengthen Your Paintings with Dynamic Composition by Frank Webb


Judy paints many different subjects:  Minnesota landscapes, flowers, jungle animals (monkeys, parrots, frogs, etc.), dogs and cats, people, trains, still lifes, water and boats and so on.  She also works on a variety of papers.  No matter what subject or paper she is using, her paintings are full of vibrant color and strong values.  And when you see her paint, you can tell she is having fun!

When Judy paints she uses a lot of resources – photos, slides, etc.  She does not usually copy them as they are, but rather combines them into a composition that she likes.  She uses that visual information as a kind of computer, putting lots of information in, and then drawing on it as necessary.

She wants to be really excited by the first few strokes on that white paper.  This is part of the joy  of watercolors.  If she is not happy, she turns the paper over and starts again!

She sees no point in copying a photo exactly – assuming she could!  She wants her style, her mind, to show through from the paper through the transparent paint into her eyes.

Painting in watercolor requires lots of quick decisions:  bang, bang, bang!  She can’t pussy-foot around with all that wet paint running across the paper.  So, says Judy, “Have courage and keep trying.  And remember to enjoy”!

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